This is the information that I have used to create my LiveJournal. I am trying to decide if using the LiveJournal would be better for my actual journal entries or if blogger would be better. I’ll give you the pros and cons later.

Paul Turner’s LiveJournal Thursday, July 19th, 2001

7:43 am

Got a meeting early this morning. Can’t waste any time getting to work today. I didn’t get any rest yesterday, so it’s even worse right now. Tonight I come home and get some sleep.

Current Mood: blah

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12:57 amTired

I am so tired, I’ve just got to go to bed. However, note the time. I was working on my personal web site. It’s called Paul’s Midnight Retreat, obviously a good name.

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12:50 am

This first entry is a test of the LiveJournal client on my desktop computer.

Current Mood: accomplished

Current Music: Jazz

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