I never did explain how the bike turned out after Mike Cone worked on it. Mike told me that, after dropping off the bike on Saturday, he wouldn’t be able to work on it until Wednesday. I left it anyway. I got a phone call Tuesday afternoon. Mike had the bike ready. He fixed the exhaust problem, at no charge, and adjusted the spark plugs. It runs much better now. I went on a bike trip through the Talimena Trail on Saturday, August 25th and found that my bike’s rear tire was loosing air. Come Monday morning I had to purchase a new tire for it. I took it to Sherman Power Sports. I asked the maintenance man what it would cost to get the bike a full tune-up. He said that it would be around $300.00. WOW! But they adjust the carburators and valves, so it sounds like it would be money well spent. I told Kathy that I’m going to have to save some money for that. She agreed (especially when she found out that it only has to be done every three or four years).

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