Today, I received the new pay scale that starts October 1st, 2001. Because I will not only be getting the 4% pay increase, I will also be going from a 17B to a 17C. What this means is that I will be going from $2,830 per month to $3,088 per month. An increase of $258.00! Hopefully, I’ll get to see about $75.00 per pay check more. I’d like to put $25.00 into my allowance and the other $50.00 into the savings. I haven’t talked with Kathy yet, but I will approach her about it. Maybe as an alternate idea, increase the savings by $10.00 per pay check and allow her to use the $40.00 where she chooses. That’s $80.00 a month more than what she has to work with.

Also, I will be getting 8 hours overtime on this pay check tomorrow. Then 14 hours overtime on the following pay check (the check that will have the raise on!) That means more money.

What I need to do with some of the overtime money that I’ll be getting on this pay check would be to get my motorcycle a carburator adjustment. It’s running like it wants one.

Well, I need to get back to the task at hand. I’ve come back to work to clean up my office. I also need to create a way of tracking the projects I’ve got going! The one item that Chief Caylor had to write about me on my performance evaluation is that I do not focus well when I have multiple projects. He is very correct on this. I’ve got to do better, not only to make me feel better about my job, but to help Chief Caylor out. He’s been very good to me and he deserves to see good solid performance from me!

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