A week ago, Kathy and I left Galveston to come back home. We had a great time, with only one major problem. That problem was the condo. The condo was great, except that it really could only hold four people comfortably. The view was very nice. Here’s a photo to prove it.

Here’s a photo of my brother, Mom and Dad, me and two of Chuck’s boys:

We had a good time. Chuck and Beth weren’t there much because of work. I missed being around them. I have to say something that is totally selfish on my part, but I cant’ wait for Chuck’s kids to be on their own so that Kathy and I can spend a little more time together.

I wish I had a little better relationship with my brother. We just see each other a couple of times a year and rarely phone call or e-mail each other. Anyway, one day I hope that it will be better.

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