Kathy told me yesterday that Pugsly has the mainge on his face and its real bad this time. She had taken him into the vet’s to get his nails trimmed. She asked them to look at his face for us and they said that its’ the mainge. The doctor also said that he is getting a problem with one of his eyes. Because Pugs have the bug eyes, they don’t always close real well and the cornea is drying out. After a while, his can go blind in that eye. Now Kathy is thinking that we don’t need to keep him because of the money it will cost us. My problem is that I know we’ve given a big part of our heart away to Pugsly. I don’t think that it is a wise choice to just get rid of him to get rid of the problem. But, I’ve got to let Kathy make up her mind on this. I just don’t think think that I can make this type of decision for the both of us.

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