For the past two months, I’ve been out of work. I’ve not tried to look for any work because I knew that I had some money from TMRS (our retirement system) and that would not only allow me to pay my bills for a few months, but allow me to take advantage of my time off by getting some needed training and then certification. I’ve got some study materials to work on my A+ and Network + training. The problem has been that I’ve not done too much with that because I’ve been taking care of my parents and been very sick.

Taking care of my parents has been a pleasure for me because I believe that I owe it to them. They have been very good to me and I love them both dearly! At this point I’m getting a little “nervous” about how much time they have left on earth. Dad has been very, very sick over the past year and we didn’t know if he would be with us much longer. Thank God, he is doing much better right now.

My training that I am doing is a lot of reading. With my vision, it is hard for me to read for long periods of time. This makes it hard to concentrate. Plus my cold or flu or pnuemonia has been hard on me. My head hurts and I’ve been coughing and sneezing almost constantly. This also makes it very difficult to study. However, today is the day that I start my studies back up!!! My goal is to have 3 chapters done today. We’ll see what happens and I’ll let you know.

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