I have submitted my complaint to the BBB on Handango. Here is a copy of the complaint:

The following complaint was submitted on 4/30/2003 4:11:50 PM:


Mr. Paul Turner

138 Valerie Lane

Sherman, TX United States 75092 3959


Daytime Phone (903)816-3500

Evening Phone (903)816-3500

Fax (469)519-2498



305 NE LOOP 820 STE 200

HURST, TX United States 76053




Complaint #: 1040974

Complaint Type: General Complaint (not a car maker)

Date Received: 4/30/2003

Primary Complaint Classification: Delivery Issues

Secondary Complaint Classification: Credit or Billing Disputes


I have bought a lot of software over the Internet. The procedure is to purchase, then the company sends link for software to download OR the registration number to activate it. I have not received either. Here is the latest conversation. I am getting NO response from them now.

Discussion Thread

Customer (Paul Turner) 04/24/2003 02:08 PM


CREDIT CARD NUMBER: 5445xxxxxxxx9150

E-MAIL ADDRESS: ptgizmo@nucentrix.net

Response (REFUNDS) 04/24/2003 01:29 PM

I apologize, but no orders could be located under any of the supplied information. If you have any additional info such as the order reference number, alternate email address, or the credit card number used at the time of purchase, any of these would help tremendously in locating your product.

Thank you for contacting Handango.

[4/28/2003 9:43:02 PM | Paul Turner]

I have been trying to get Handango to send me my registration on Clock+ that I’ve bought and paid for. Here is the information on the incident so far.

Question Reference #030417-000463

Subject: Clock+

Order Ref. Number: 37131581

Category: Registration

Submitted: 04/17/2003 12:22 PM

Last Updated: 04/24/2003 02:08 PM

Status: Updated

Desired Settlement: Other (requires explanation)

Settlement Explanation:

I would like to get what I’ve paid for. All they have to do is send me the registration/activation number or the link to the fully operational software.

Customer Service Rep:

Product or Service: Clock+

Model Number:

Account Number:

Order Number: 37131581

Salesperson: Handled via the Internet

Payment Made: Yes

Purchase Price: 13

Disputed Amount: 13

Payment Method: Credit Card

Purchase Date: 4/13/2003

Problem Date: 4/23/2003

Complaint Dates: 4/17/2003, 4/21/2003, 4/22/2003

The bureau that will handle your complaint is:

BBB/Ft. Worth

101 Summit Ave., Ste. 707

Fort Worth, TX 76102 -5978

Phone: (817)332-7585

Fax: (817)882-0566

Email: bbb@ftworthbbb.org

WWW: http://www.fortworth.bbb.org

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