This week seems to have been a very long week. I have been so tired, but I really don’t know why I’ve felt tired. It’s not like I’ve been busting my butt to do some things. I have been delivering my loads on time and I got a really good nights sleep one night. But yesterday was a day that I felt like I just HAD TO GO HOME. I was so tired that I watched just a little bit of TV to unwind and then I went right to bed. I slept real good until 5:15am this morning. I’m feeling better right now, but I know that I’ve only got a short day of rest ahead of me and I have to go to Dodd City to visit Mom. I want to visit Mom, I’m just concerned that I will start this next week out tired and I know that I’ve got a a lot ahead of me.

I’ve got to deliver my ISO-Butane to Ardmore tomorrow and get a load of Normal-Butane to Wynnewood. Wynnewood closes at 12:00pm, so I have to get up very early to get the ISO off. I have to figure out when I can go and allow me enough time to get the 34 hour restart on my work clock. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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