Cellular Internet

Today, I received my Sony Ericsson GC83 Edge/CPRS PC card, that allows me to connect to the Internet via a cellular connection. It is nice. It’s not real fast at home (however, faster than dial-up) and I will have access to the Internet from my truck while on the road, and that thrills me.

Kathy (my wife) said that since I am making good money at this job and staying out all week that I should have a little bit of “comfort” while on the road. I love surfing the net. This is a great past time of mine. If it has something to do with information, it’s probably on the net, so I’m able to get lots of info off the net. I can check my bank accounts and get e-mail and check out what’s on TV and when I go to Houston, I’ll be able to get on the net and listen to WBAP radio.

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