28 Years of Marriage

Kathy and I were married 28 years ago yesterday (June 10th, 1977). My boys wonder how we’ve made it this long. Most of the time you’d think that they are just being funny with that type of question, but I think that Matt was serious. He wonders how his Mom can put up with me and how I can put up with her.

Well, it’s easy. We have a commitment to each other! We have to work through the problems. If we just give up when we get upset, we never would have made it to the alter. I hope that some day Matt will see that sometimes admitting you’re wrong is OK! It’s far better for you, AS A COUPLE, to be right than it is for just one of you to argue about who’s right. That doesn’t solve the problem.

At least Matt and Aubrey are seeing each other again.

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