w.Bloggar software (v4.00) and what I’m going to do with my blog/s.

I just downloaded the newest version of w.Bloggar, version 4.00. Again, like so many other times, I am wanting to use my blog as a personal storage of things that I’ve done or want to do. The biggest problem with this is that I have not really decided what type of information goes in the blog yet. I’ve put some pictures recently in my blog of things that I wanted to show some relationship to. That’s OK, I guess, but what does it really say about me? Not much, I think.

I have got to get this down a little better. Decide what the real topic of the blog is and go from there. My current blog is only updated randomly and that would need to change. It has whatever the subject of the time in my life is. That’s OK, but it’s too haphazard.

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