Last night (Monday, 2/20/06) I decided to try my laptop computer again. Last weekend it did the same thing and I was able to get it up and running, somehow! Well, last night was no exception, it came back on. This presented me with two things. One, that I would be able to do a little internet research on some replacement devices for the laptop and two, be able to back up some of my most important data.

I got my data backed up, checked out todays agenda on my mapping software and started researching two of Palm’s newest PDA’s.

I wanted to know more about the Palm TX and the LifeDrive. I have to admit that I was really taken with the TX, but after reading the specs and comparisons to the two devices, I’ve decided that I need to look at purchasing the LifeDrive.

The LifeDrive has a 4 gig mini hard drive. It also is the only new Palm that has voice recorder capability. The biggest problem with the TX is that even if I get the biggest SD card I can for it, it will still only have half the storage available and cost almost as much. Plus the LifeDrive has an SD card slot also. I have got to see about getting one of those.

Oh, one other thing I found out is that you have the ability to use a bluetooth phone as a cellular modem to access the Internet with either one of the devices.

I’ve got to do some pricing on the device and some other add-ons for it. Then let Kathy know how much.

On a little different note. I’ve been watching my laptop light when you plug in the external power. Sometimes it has a flashing amber light. Sometimes it’s a solid amber light. Both of those times the computer will not boot. When I get a green light it won’t boot either. Oh well, I was hoping that I figured something out by accident.

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