I’ve been doing a lot of research on the LifeDrive. There are several reviews and a few articles from users of the LifeDrive. The one thing that I’ve read the most is that the LD is sometimes a little slow to start up. It’s probably a lot faster than waiting on a laptop computer to load a file into an application, however, I’m getting to the point that one of the things I want from my new “notebook replacement” is that I want it to be fast; i.e., instant on. So when I started reading a little bit on the Palm TX, I started thinking that maybe I should look a little more into the TX. At this point, the comparison chart that Palm puts out only shows a difference between the TX and the LD is the storage and voice memo capability. Well, as to the storage; yes, it would be very nice to have 4 gigs of storage that can also be used as a USB drive on a computer. However, I can easily get a couple of 2 gig SD cards and just plug them into the SD card slot on my desktop computer at home. Then those extra SD cards could be used on my Palm Treo 650 or the HP Photosmart M417 camera.

As to the voice memo capability, I have to admit that I wanted it to also be a voice recorder, but I have my Treo 650 with that ability. Since I will always be carrying my Treo with me (in places that I won’t be carrying my laptop replacement), I really need to stay with the Treo 650 as my voice memo device.

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