I am at River Ranch just south of Wichita Falls, TX. I got here last night so that I could get an early start to the day which would allow .e to get home earlier. Well, that went out the window when I got here because they have a chain locked up at the cattle guard near the barn, so I can’t get to the tank and start my load. I’ve called Terry last night and he couldn’t help, so I thought I’d just wait until the morning. I called Charlie and he gave me a combination to try. That didn’t work, so he’s working on trying to get someone to help. It’s been 45 minutes and still no help!

About 8:00am, I got the lock combo from Charlie. It’s 2465. My schedule to get home by lunchtime is shot to hell.

Well, I got my load and delivered it and got home. I am so tired… I should have gone to bed along time ago, but I just had too many things to do and I haven’t got them all done yet.

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