Productive Weekend (actually, Sunday)

I’ve been wanting to get some things done at home and seem to never have enough time.  This weekend (actually; since my weekend is only one day long, I mean Sunday), I have been able to watch several of my IPTV shows and one of the best ones is called HAK.5.  It is done by a couple of young Canadian men and they are very talented, not only in their computer skills, but also in their presentation skills.  I’m very impressed and the content of their show is fantastic.  It will be one that I will watch a lot of from now on.
Oh, I also found out from CommandN that Blogger has been upgraded and I am trying one of the upgrades right now.  This post is being done via eMail.  I am writing the post in my eMail client (Outlook Express) and will send it to blogger via my blogger posting eMail address.  It should receive the eMail and post it to my blog.  There are some other new things that will be available and I will try those when they are available and I can figure out what I can do with them.

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