Initial Welcome

This is my first blog on this web site.  This site will be a personal site that will be anything that interests me.  It will not have a specific interest or subject.

I have been trying to keep some information in my OneNote software and because I’ve been testing OneNote 2007, the data files are not backward compatible with 2003, so I’m finding that I don’t have some of the notes that I’d like to have.  A blog is a very good way of collecting data and keeping it available almost anywhere.  So that’s one of the things that I’ll be doing with this blog.

I also want to test the INSERT function of this software and blog.  I’m using Live Writer and it has 3 insert buttons for links, pictures and maps.  So, I’m going to do a little test of those functions in this entry.

The first test will be inserting a link.  My link will be to my regular home page at

My Home Page

The second test will be of a picture.  Here’s a photo of Kathy and I at my son’s wedding just last month.

The last test I’m going to insert a map.


OK.  So that I’ve got the first entry ready, and the tests inserted.  I’ll upload it and check it out.  I hope this all works the way I expect it to.

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