The 2007 Apple WWDC

At the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) another announcement by Apple has people asking questions.  Apple announced they are porting over their Safari browser to the Windows platform.  Why?  I believe it gives people on the Windows OS another reason to look at the iPhone.  Why?  Apple is all about elegance and simplicity.  Web developers are creating Web 2.0 apps for your phone, then you get to use the same Web 2.0 apps on your computer.  Which integrates your phone and your computer a little more.

Most people know that we (Windows users) don’t “need” another browser for the Windows OS, however, after downloading and trying it out, two things come to my mind about it.  It’s a lot faster than my other browsers (which is something that I like a lot), and, it has the elegance and simplicity of Apple programs (another thing that I have always liked about Apple). 

I also realize that there are some flaws with Safari for Windows.  But, just like all software, the company who wrote the software will fix the problems. 

Remember when Apple created the iPod?  It really took off when Apple created iTunes for Windows.  I believe that they are expecting the same type result for the iPhone, but are trying to create that success earlier.

Apple drops “Computer” from their name and is making and working on deals that provide content for the iTunes Store.  All transactions with individuals goes through the iTunes Store so that people can get that content on their iPod or Apple TV and soon, the iPhone via their computer (Windows or Mac).  It makes sense to have applications that work on both your phone and your computer to keep your content with you.  That’s what Safari will do.

As I see it, Apple is creating several types of razors.  Instead of having one razor though, you have a razor for home (Apple TV), a razor while you are on the go (iPod), a fancy razor that will do “everything” (iPhone), and the razor that manages all the other razors (Macintosh).  The razor blades?  Content.  Lots and lots of content that is created by others and is sold by Apple.  Why do you want to buy the razors?  So you can use the razor blades.

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