Apple’s New iPods

I just watched the keynote address with Steve Jobs announcing the new line of iPods.  Wow!  Steve and Apple have done it again.  It amazes me how a company can take a great product and make it better.  Apple has done that.  I thoroughly enjoy my iPod “Video”.  I won’t even think about a different media player.  Now, the new iPods are even better.  BUT —

When Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone will no longer have the 4gig and the 8gig will drop to $399.00…  I was floored!  Way to go, Steve!

Here’s the Apple web site with the new iPods:  Apple’s New iPods

Here’s the keynote address:  It’s over an hour, but if you like Apple products and some good entertainment, check this out:  New iPod – the video.

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