I know that work is necessary.  I have to have money to take care of my family and my other responsibilities, so I have to work.  I just wished that I could live on a lot less than what I’m making right now.  If I could, I’d be leaving this job for another that would allow me the same as regular people.  A routine that allows them to get up in the morning and go to work for a few hours, then come back home to have a normal life.

As an “over the road” truck driver, I head out at whatever time I need to be able to get my truck and trailer and get to my first destination on time.  Like this week, I left on Sunday morning and have been gone all week.  I don’t normally get a lot of time to watch any TV (when I can get reception), so I rarely know what’s going on in the world.  If I didn’t have satellite radio in my truck, I’d really miss a lot.

I am allowed 11 hours of driving time a day.  Most of the time, I drive between 10 and 11 hours.  They (the Federal government) also allows you to work (not drive) for 3 hours.  A total of a 14 hour day.  Now, they do limit your week to 70 hours (thank God)!  After the 70 hours, you have to have a 34 hour break to restart your hours.

What gets me is that I work 1 week in what my wife does in two weeks.  I’m tired when I get home and a 34 hour break ONLY allows me to rest up for the next work week.  That doesn’t allow me to have a normal life.

Yes, if I could live on less than what I make right now, I’d leave this job in a heart beat!  But, I’ll be staying here until something else comes up.

The other thing this lifestyle means for me, is that I won’t be retiring… ever!  My family, have cost me a lot more than they should have and I have nothing saved, so I will never be able to retire.  I guess someone will find me dead in my truck one day.  I just hope that day is a long time from now.

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