What To Do???

I’m a little confused right now.  After getting my wonderful, little Eee PC, I haven’t been able to do what I planned on doing with it because the 12g SSD is partitioned into 2 drives.  The C: drive is small and doesn’t allow me to install the software I want.  I was going to use the SD card as my primary means of storing data.

So my problem is trying to figure out whether or not to even try to get the other software on this PC or just rethink my use of it.  It is a computer that I will constantly carry with me obviously because of the size and portability.  So what other software do I install here and use on a regular basis?

This has got to be my computer that I keep my blogs up-to-date with.  That’s not a problem, because I’m using it now.  I use Windows Live Writer and really like this software a lot.  No reason to change.  One of the other software apps I need to install is eWallet from iLium.

More on all this a little later.  I’ve got to get a couple of thing done before I have to go back on the road.

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