Bells Palsy

Day before yesterday, as I was coming home from California, I noticed that I was having trouble trying to eat my lunch. After I got home, I kept noticing that there was something different about my face. The next morning I couldn’t raise my left eye brow. I had more trouble trying to eat. Even drinking was getting harder to do.

This morning when I went to shave, I noticed that I couldn’t do anything with the left side of my face. Kathy called our doctor. I got in around 10:00am this morning and the doctor diagnosed me as having Bells Palsy. If you read the Wikipedia entry about Bells Palsy, the treatment that is recommended in the article is what is being done for me. Kathy is picking that medication up now. So my 3 days off has turned out to be 4. That’s OK, but I don’t want anymore time off after that. I’ve got to be able to work.

I guess one of the things that I’m going to hate about this illness is the fact that I have to tape my left eye lid shut at night. Right now it is hard to keep it closed on my own.

Anyway, this is going to be interesting not to mention a big pain in the “ass”.

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