Why am I still up and awake?

I ask this question because the night before last, I started driving from Kingman, AZ. I drove 736 miles to Amarillo, TX and had to take a short one hour nap in between. I also got a one hour nap after Dean took over driving from Amarillo. I thought I would have been “dead” to the world around 8:00pm last night. I wasn’t! It’s 3:30am Monday morning and I’m still up and awake! What gives???

Is it because last Monday’s run was only supposed to be up to Winchester, VA and back to Dallas, but ended up going from Winchester, VA to Jackson, TN to Albuquerque, NM to Gallup, NM to Stockton, CA and a couple of other cities around the San Francisco / Oakland, CA area. I’m only getting today (Monday) off and will have to leave for Ohio on Tuesday morning. Do I just want to have as much awake time home before I get back on the road? That doesn’t allow me to get the needed rest before leaving out! I have to admit that I’m really concerned about my rest and sleeping habits right now. I don’t know how they will affect my health.

Just a question I wanted to ask.

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