Off to OH and VA again!

This trip is taking me to Cairo, OH and Manassas, VA for the third time in four weeks. I really don’t mind though. It’s an easy run and I get to go up one way and come back another, so I’m not looking at the same scenery all the time. It’s also a good paying run and I really like that part. All in all, outside of running this in the winter, I think this is one of the best runs to have.

My ten hour break will be up in one hour. So I’m going to take care of some paperwork and checking my e-mail before I hit the road again. I only got to Joplin, MO last night, so I’ve got a long day of driving today. I should be in OH late this evening. I’ll load the tanker with sulfuric acid and take my ten hour break then head out to Manassas in the morning. The leg to Manassas is the hardest because of the tanker being loaded and “heavy” and having to drive through a lot of mountains. Anyway, back to “work”.

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