University of Houston (45) verses Oklahoma State University (35).  Chuck and Mom got here to pick Matt and I up at 7am.  We got to Stillwater, OK around 11am.  As we walked by some of the OSU fans, they said, “Welcome to Stillwater”.  That was said to us a bunch.  Stillwater… what a classy town.  I’m glad we won our game, but I sure hope things go well with OSU.  I’m a fan now.

The game was good, however, I have one complaint.  We were setting in the place designated for the visiting team.  It was small and the Coog fans wanted to stand for the entire game.  Since I can’t stand that long, I missed a lot of the game.  I have to say that the game would have been a lot worse if the Coog fans weren’t as much fun.  I enjoyed them.

The score was a little lop-sided at the half.  I thought the game was over.  The score was Houston 24 and OSU 7.  But the second half as exciting.  Chase did a good job, except one of his punts was returned for a touchdown.  We told him that there’s no “I” in team, but that wasn’t what he wanted to here.  He said that there was 3 or 4 scouts there.  One of them was a Dallas Cowboys scout.  I can understand why he wasn’t satisfied with the “I” and team thing.

Anyway, we had a good time.  Go Coogs!

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