No second load of sulfuric acid for Manassas

2009-1028 [Wednesday – d301 w44] 7:14:20 AM

Well, just called Tony Foster (my dispatcher) and asked if there would be another load from Cairo for me, he said that it wasn’t happening.  Oh well, as I said before, I could have used the money from the second load, but I really wanted to go home and have some time off.

Leaving today, I should get home by Friday morning or around noon.  I won’t have to go back to work until around noon on Monday.  That will give me just about 3 days off!  I could really use that.  I have some things that I want to do at home.


Map picture

The pushpin in the photo above represents the unloading area at Micron – Manassas, VA.  This is where I am right now.

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