Data Backups verses Data Copies

I was listening to a podcast the other day (surprise, surprise!) and it got me to thinking seriously about setting up a Windows Home Server.  One of THE MOST IMPORTANT things to know about having a home network OR just a single computer is that you HAVE TO HAVE BACKUPS!  I have copies of most of my “most important” data, however, it is so unorganized that I would have a terrible time trying to find something that I lost or deleted accidentally.

I believe that Windows Home Server (WHS) is the answer to getting my backups organized.  I need a single place at home that I and my family can store our photos, videos, music and documents that we create.  WHS would backup that data or we could simply save it to the WHS.  With WHS being a dedicated machine, you don’t take the chance of someone coming in and using it and accidentally deleting or causing a problem with it.  You can also have it automatically have it backup your workstations that are on the network at specified times.  I want to be able to do that, then I want to setup a cloud backup service to backup the WHS.  I believe that you DO NOT HAVE A BACKUP UNLESS THE BACKUP IS OFF-SITE.  If you create a backup at home and that is the only place your data is, then you have a COPY, not a backup.

I’m going to try to solve my backup problem as soon as I can afford the cloud backup subscription.  Until then, I’ll sync an external hard drive and take my data with me on the road.

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