Bigger “Big” Truck

I got to “move in” to my “new” big truck.  This is one of the newer trucks (newer than my truck was) and much bigger.  I believe that the runs will be a lot better because I will have more living room while on the road.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Bryan, TX to pick up a tanker to take to Chandler, AZ (outside of Phoenix).  Then head back to Bryan, then Dallas.  It’s a good run.  At least, a lot better than the one I got last week.  My five days out on the team run to California is only paying me a little over $550.00!  If I’m asked about going on another team run, it will have to be just to point A and back and it had better be a long time from now.  I can not afford to do these 7 day runs for that kind of money.  It’s not right to be paid that little for that much time!

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