A very nice day… Boy, am I tired!!!

Kathy and I took Kaiden and Charlie to see great-granny (Nanny). Mom sure did enjoy having them around today. It was nice to see Mom so happy. It was a good day to visit because Mom was feeling pretty good today. I think she was happy about Kathy and I coming over for a visit and then getting an extra special visit because the great-grandkids came with us.

Tomorrow is my day. I’m going to get my projects organized so I can take them with me on the road. I’m also going to organize the things that I take with me on the road. I’m carrying too many bags and I want to make sure that I’m carrying only what I need. I don’t want to jump from one bag to another just to find the things I need in another bag. It’s a tough task to say the least!

The post is brought to you by lekhonee v0.7

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