My run to Winchester, VA

I was really hoping for one of those runs that nothing happens, other than the delivery of goods (on-time) and the pick-up of goods to come back to Dallas. An uneventful, “regular” run.

That didn’t happen with this run. On the first leg out (the first day), I had two tires (side by side) blow out on the passenger side front axle of the trailer. Those didn’t fixed until the next morning. I didn’t make it as far the first day as I wanted to.

I did get to my destination on time, but I had no “extra” time on the trip, so I had to keep the left door closed and my hands on the steering wheel to get there.

After getting to my destination, delivering the product I had. I got to pick up the empties they had coming back to Texas. That makes for a very easy day! However, things would change a little after leaving.

As soon as I left Winchester, VA, I noticed the truck sounded different, then became loud immediately. I could tell that it was an exhaust problem because it had happened to me before (when I worked for Bishop Energy). I called Tony Foster and advised him. He told me to call Tony Cothern (our “mechanic”). Cothern sent me to Truck Enterprises, Inc. in Harrisonburg, VA, where they found the problem and fixed it. I was down with this problem for 6 hours! I had to stay in Harrisonburg, VA that day.

I made it to Holladay, TN the next day and that’s where I’m leaving from this morning. I have a day’s drive ahead of me, but it is one that I have enough hours to get back to Dallas today.

It has been a good run even with the down time and I’ve still been able to get things done on a regular basis. I might be a few hours later than normal, but it doesn’t really “hurt” anything.

Keep the shiny side up!

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