A Decision Made… IPad

Since the failure of my laptop, I have been trying to decide on what to replace it. Another laptop or the Apple iPad. I’ve made my decision based on the ability to quickly turn on and the ergonomics that will allow me take it anywhere without worrying about power or the amount of room I have to work with the device. The iPad will allow me to do all of the things I do on the road and my desktop at home will allow me to do everything else. I guess you can say, the switch is on.

One response to “A Decision Made… IPad”

  1. After a few months of using the iPad, I have found that the iPad is NOT a laptop replacement and with Apple being so “closed”, Apple is NOT a great idea (of course, their success says different). As for me, Apple is not a success in my personal life.

    I am using the iPad as an electronic “Day-Timer” now and that is working beautifully! I got an HP Mini-Note for my laptop needs and that is working great!

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