HP MiniNote 110-3098NR

Well, after having a Verizon Mi-Fi hotspot for almost two years, I thought that I needed a little change.  Actually, I needed the change because as good as the iPad is, I still can not do everything I need to do on it that I need to do for work.  So, after doing a little investigation, I found that I could cancel my Mi-Fi and purchase an HP Mini 110-3098NR netbook with Verizon’s cellular service for just $39.99 and $50.00 a month for the Internet.  I discussed this with Kathy and she agreed that we can do that now.

My netbook was delivered yesterday while I was in Tennessee and I was excited that it was easy to track and I knew that it would be there when I got home.  This little computer is beautiful!  It looks like I would have designed it!  No kidding!

I’m installing the needed software on it now and it is running very well.  I’ve just got to say, “Nice job HP!”.

After I’ve had it a few days, I’ll write a little update about how I think it’s doing then.  So stayed tuned!

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