Visit with Matt

Well, Matt left a little bit ago, on a bus, heading back to Willis, TX.  He’s been working down there and really wants to come back to North Texas, but he’s decided that he won’t do that until he has the money to make the move back.  He is also looking for a job before he gets back up here.  He’s really done a lot of growing up.  Oh he still loves his online World of Warcraft game, but that’s just a hobby to keep him occupied.  I mean, I’m not much different.  I might not be playing a game on the computer, but I do spend a lot of time on it just to keep me busy.

Kaiden spent the weekend with us, so he could visit his Dad, but he find out that he “play” on a computer of his own, so he spent a lot of time in my room with me this weekend.  He was real good.  It was great being able to spend some time with both of those boys.

Tomorrow, I go in a do a little work local, then head out to Tucson, AZ for a Raytheon run.  It’ll be a 4.5 day trip.  During this time of year, I really like staying in the south.  I spent a little time in the snow last week.  It wasn’t too bad, but it was cold!

Keep the shiny side up!

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