Another day… Another dollar…

I made it to Springville, UT today. I left Moriarty, NM this morning. I could have gone a little further, but I couldn’t get to where I hoped to be. I was really trying to get to Ogden, UT, but that’s still over 1.5 hours away. I didn’t have that much time available.

It doesn’t matter though. By the time I drive my full day tomorrow, I’ll only have about 4 hours of driving to do on Wednesday morning, which would put me arriving about 4 hours ahead of schedule, so I’m taking it easy here tonight and will leave at a good time tomorrow. Things will be just fine. I wish people understood that truck driving is not just sitting in this truck holding on to the steering wheel all day. I don’t think the average person has any idea just what the truck driver has to know and the skills he possess to get the job done and done safely and on time!

Keep the shiny side up!

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