I come from a small town in north Texas. The population of Dodd City is just over 300 people. Such a small town that when I graduated in 1977, I graduated with 5 girls. I am not real sure about how long they have been there since we graduated, but I believe that they have lived and stayed there since then. Now, this is not a statement to say anything against the girls. I actually wish at this point in my life that I could be home. Why? I’m an over the road truck driver. A driver who drives and lives in a 18 wheeler.

I have been a truck driver for almost 11 years now. For a few of those years, my driving was just in Texas and Oklahoma, but now I drive the lower 48 states.

Before my career as a truck driver, I was in the United States Air Force. I was stationed at the following locations:

  • San Antonio, TX
  • Biloxi, MS
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Hessisch-Oldendorf, West Germany
  • Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia
  • Murphy Dome, AK
  • Rome, NY

Those locations took me to several places around the world.

Now, I drive the United States as if I were going across the county. I know how long it will take me to drive from Texas to Buffalo, NY, no problem. I know what highways to take and what states I’ll be driving through.

Oh, by all means, give me a puzzle of the United States and let me put all the states in their appropriate spots. It’s my life now. I’ve even driven from Murphy Dome, AK (just northwest of Fairbanks, AK) back to north Texas. I saw a lot of Canada.

What I’m trying to get at here is that the world is a little smaller place for me (in my mind).

I came across a link to a video that I just had to post here because, what it represents to me is that there is still a lot of the world out there. It’s a complicated place.  It’s also a beautiful place. It hurts me to think that so many people fight over a little bit of the world and can’t seem to get the big picture.

So here’s the big picture

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