A Day Off

I am home today. It doesn’t happen often enough, but when it does, I can’t tell you how happy I am to be home.

I have always loved being at home. For me to work as an over the road, long haul truck driver, is way out of my character, because of how much I love being at home. But, I’ve got to make a living for my wife and family. I have a huge burden on me right now, but I pray that it will get better.

Today, I want to just do some things that will make me happy. No chores, other than getting a good shower and shaving and eating today.

Though I get a shower as often as I can, getting cleaned up on the road is a task. You have to bring all the things you need with you to get cleaned up. It’s not the same as being able to just walk in your own bathroom in the morning, turn on some water and have everything there.

Eating on the road is not that great either. You might think that you have many choices, but when all you have are the same choices, day after day, it becomes very limited after a short time. And the amount of money that you spend eating on the road is ridiculous! I bring something with me and eat in my truck a lot, but that’s also limited. I don’t have the storage to put a lot of things and most meals are pre-cooked (yes, leftovers!). Talk about having to eat the same things day in and day out. It’s an everyday thing for me. I miss having a good meal with my family… at least, with my wonderful wife.

Catching up on the days activities is done over the phone. Not the best way of being close to your spouse, but it’s the only thing I have. It has to work. We try to talk once a day, but as she has to take care of all the things that go on at the house, some times, I don’t get to hear from her for a day or so. I really miss her then. She does such a good job at it that when I come home, she doesn’t have a honey-do list for me. She knows that my work days are at least 12 hours each day and longer, so when I come home, she wants me to be able to enjoy my time home and get some rest to send me back out again. I guess that I really have to appreciate that, though I feel like a kid some times and just want to tell her that I do feel like going today, and want to stay home. It doesn’t work anymore!

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