The Stupidity of Some People’s Driving Habits

I was driving west on I-40 near Wheatley, AR and a driver was driving in the passing lane. A lot of drivers believe (falsely) that it is also a travel lane (it is NOT). So, I’m doing about 72 MPH in the travel lane (right lane) and I’m approaching this car on the right. I see a vehicle in my left mirror coming up fast, so I slow down a little to allow the moron driver to move over into the travel lane and allow the fast car in the passing lane to pass.

Well, as the other car catches up to the slower car (still in the passing lane), I see that it’s an AR State Trooper and he was in a bit of a hurry. He didn’t have his lights on, but as he got closer to the moron slow poke, he flashed his high beams. The moron just stayed there in the passing lane not moving over or anything else. The officer flashed his lights again and nothing. He turned on his red and blues and the moron stepped on the brakes a little, but did NOT move over! At that point, the officer just changed lanes and went around the moron!

I can not believe the stupidity of some people. This moron was as lucky as you can get! I truly hope that this moron gets what is due him (or her).

For those of you who think the left lane is for cars, it is for PASSING other cars. Move over to the travel lane and stay there until you have to pass someone. Pass them and move back over. Sorry to be so blunt, but it is dangerous and it puts your life in danger and those of the other cars. If it’s an 18 wheeler, that vehicle could cause even more problems.

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