New iPads from Apple

iPad Air

Apple closed the Apple store web site and when it reopened Apple had added two new iPads. A 10.5” iPad Air with bumped up specs. It is what used to be called an iPad Pro 10.5”.

iPad Mini

The other iPad is an iPad Mini with bumped up specs, and, like the new iPad Air, it has Apple Pencil support. So, I guess that means that an iPad Pro is no longer the only iPad with Apple Pencil support. That is fantastic! I have always loved the Apple Pencil support and bought the first iPad Pro in 2017 just for the Pencil support!

I’d love to get my wife the new iPad Mini. She has an iPad Mini 4 now and it just takes too long to do things (IMHO).


As for truck drivers, the new iPad Mini would be a great GPS/Entertainment device.

I have used CoPilot GPS software since 2008 and it has done me very well with driving my 18 wheeler all over the country. I have always had a 9.7” or 10.5” iPad as my GPS in my truck and I would love to see just how well the 7.9” iPad Mini would work for me in the truck.

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