Video Entertainment on the Road

There are so many choices for entertainment on the road now a days that I really won’t go into them. I will say that I have been a subscriber of Hulu Live for a little while and found it to be very, very good! So good that we got rid of our satellite TV and are just streaming via Hulu Live at home.

On Monday, I am expecting Apple to announce a program that will be similar in nature to Hulu and Netflix and some others and I will be listening intently on what Apple has to say about it. I am fully in the Apple Ecosystem, so this will matter to me.

Shows I Watch

I have a few shows that I really enjoy watching and those are…

  • NCIS
  • Last Man Standing, and
  • Survivor

I also enjoy watching the Texas Rangers play baseball, but that is harder to get streaming due to the high costs of video for MLB At Bat and since I am on the road so much, there are many, many times when the games are blacked out. So I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like to.

I also watch several movies that are available on Hulu and Netflix. I’ve purchased just over 100 movies from Apple iTunes, so that about covers my video entertainment on the road.

Just a Thought – Survivor

I have been watching Survivor since I accidentally caught the last episode of Season 1. For a while it was the same old show, just with different players. But, about two or three seasons ago, the show started taking some really drastic twists to the norm. It really started to get better. It was no longer the same old Survivor with different players. This season is no different, in that there are some new twists, however, the twists are nothing like the previous seasons.

I am finding the watching and observing of the players in this new game a lot more entertaining. The twists that are being taken have never before been dreamt of by the players and they absolutely excite me! Players are finding themselves among the people who stabbed them in the back and are now having to work with them against all others. It is one very exciting and entertaining show.

Thank you Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst! You and all that work with you have created one heck of a game that really digs down into the depths of humankind in a small group and it is very enlightening!

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