Home Time

I know that there are several posts about “home time”, but when you are gone most of the time, home time is special.

I don’t have the luxury of going home every day after work. Nor do I have the extreme luxury of having a weekend off each week (at home). My “home time” is something that is very special to me and I don’t think that I’ll ever see it as “the norm”.

I got home around 9:00am yesterday morning. My boss (dispatcher) was coming to Sherman and I asked if I could get a ride from him. He said that he knew we would be heading to Sherman close to the same time, but he didn’t offer because he couldn’t wait on me. Absolutely understandable. When I asked him for the ride, he did not hesitate to say “yes”. He’s a good man and I really do appreciate him, but that is another story.

After I got home, my wife, Kathy, had said that my boys were wanting to see Captain Marvel (the movie). I told her that I’d like to see it also. We decided to see it and the best time for all of us to go was at 1:00pm yesterday.

Captain Marvel

Mike and Matt (my two sons), Kaiden and Charlie (my two grandsons) and I went to the Cinemark Theaters and watched the movie. It was hard to follow for a while. It had some exciting parts in it. It was humorous and I enjoyed that. Plus, it answered a few questions about a few of the Marvel characters. For instance, how did Nick Fury lose his left eye? That was answered in the movie.

It was a movie that was sponsored by the US Air Force! I loved that part of it. Go Air Force! Aim High! Fly – Fight – Win!

We enjoyed popcorn and a drink. It was not cheap, but it was worth the time and the money. I enjoyed hanging out with all of my boys. Kathy enjoyed a nice quiet time at the house.

Home Time. It’s a very special thing for me. I hope it is for everyone.

Why I Hate Holidays

Paul Turner, 3 July 2018

Years ago, I loved the holidays. Now, I hate them.

I love spending time with my family. Holidays allow all of us to have that extra time with them. I’m not sure my family really knows how much I love spending time with them during the holidays, but I really do. I always enjoy hanging out with my wife of 40 plus years. She is an angel on Earth! She takes care of me and allows me to rest and recuperate when I am home and gets me ready to head back out on the road. I don’t get enough time with her. We get to talk on the phone, but that’s not the same.

Holidays are when families get to spend their time together. I don’t. I am only “guaranteed” Christmas at home. When I say that, I want you to know that my company means exactly that. Two years in a row, I was in Buffalo, NY for a regular run we had and when Christmas came up, the company put me on an airplane and flew me home for Christmas. No charge to me. After Christmas, they flew me back to Buffalo to continue the run. That’s awesome for a company to do that!

The other holidays however, well, they are not guaranteed and I am normally working. On the road to or from somewhere and never at home. I see so many people traveling on the holidays and that makes for hard driving for me (with all the traffic and the problems associated with more people on the road). I don’t get the rest that others get because of the hard driving and I don’t get the free time to do things with friends and family.

Tomorrow is Independence Day (July the 4th). People will be home, cooking outside and enjoying some leisure time. They’ll take their family to see fireworks shows around the area and have a great time. I will be on the road.

If you are wondering if I am jealous of these people, I have to say that I am. I don’t like admitting that, but it is the truth. Obviously, you would say, well just get another job that allows you the time off. That is a major life decision and can not be taken as lightly as it is suggested. I am not only jealous of people, but I’m envious of them. That is hard for me to deal with. It brings my life’s happiness level down drastically! When I was growing up, envy was not a trait that I wanted. It felt bad to envy anyone or anything. Envy is a brick wall that keeps me from the good of life. Yet, holidays make me feel envious of everyone who gets to enjoy them.

I hear about the plans of my family and love that they have plans to spend time with each other on the holidays, but it hurts that I can’t be there. So I just hate the holidays!

My feelings aside and I truly mean this… I hope that each of you, who get the time off to spend with friends and family, will have a wonderful holiday! Enjoy the day and make the most of it.

A Day Off

I am home today. It doesn’t happen often enough, but when it does, I can’t tell you how happy I am to be home.

I have always loved being at home. For me to work as an over the road, long haul truck driver, is way out of my character, because of how much I love being at home. But, I’ve got to make a living for my wife and family. I have a huge burden on me right now, but I pray that it will get better.

Today, I want to just do some things that will make me happy. No chores, other than getting a good shower and shaving and eating today.

Though I get a shower as often as I can, getting cleaned up on the road is a task. You have to bring all the things you need with you to get cleaned up. It’s not the same as being able to just walk in your own bathroom in the morning, turn on some water and have everything there.

Eating on the road is not that great either. You might think that you have many choices, but when all you have are the same choices, day after day, it becomes very limited after a short time. And the amount of money that you spend eating on the road is ridiculous! I bring something with me and eat in my truck a lot, but that’s also limited. I don’t have the storage to put a lot of things and most meals are pre-cooked (yes, leftovers!). Talk about having to eat the same things day in and day out. It’s an everyday thing for me. I miss having a good meal with my family… at least, with my wonderful wife.

Catching up on the days activities is done over the phone. Not the best way of being close to your spouse, but it’s the only thing I have. It has to work. We try to talk once a day, but as she has to take care of all the things that go on at the house, some times, I don’t get to hear from her for a day or so. I really miss her then. She does such a good job at it that when I come home, she doesn’t have a honey-do list for me. She knows that my work days are at least 12 hours each day and longer, so when I come home, she wants me to be able to enjoy my time home and get some rest to send me back out again. I guess that I really have to appreciate that, though I feel like a kid some times and just want to tell her that I do feel like going today, and want to stay home. It doesn’t work anymore!

Home for the Holidays!

After 18 days on the road, I made it back to the house around 8:30pm last night.  Pugsly was very happy to see me.  He did his Dino impersonation on me and that’s always fun.  I watched a little bit of “Huckleberry Finn” on the Turner Movie Classics channel with Pat.  Kathy was at work, so I still haven’t seen her since I got home.

I’ve got the 24th (today) and 25th off!  Then, Dean and I “set sail” for Cairo, OH again.  We’ll pick up a load of sulphuric acid and deliver it to Manassas, VA.  Once we get to Manassas, Dean and I will switch trailers (my truck and trailer was left in Manassas) and Dean will head back to Texas.  I will unload at Manassas and head back to Cairo, OH for another load of sulphuric acid to be delivered to Manassas on Thursday (the 30th).  After that, I should be on my way back to Texas.  We’ll see what happens.  It seems that the last couple of guys sent out on that run have had to stay a little longer to accommodate our other drivers who wanted time-off for the holidays.

So today I’m going to work on my home office as much as I can to unclutter it.  That is a major job, since it hasn’t been done in years!  I even had to write a plan out for tackling this job.  And yes, writing this post in not in the plan.  I guess I can’t say that I don’t know where to start, huh!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday…  Merry Christmas to you all!

Visit with Matt

Well, Matt left a little bit ago, on a bus, heading back to Willis, TX.  He’s been working down there and really wants to come back to North Texas, but he’s decided that he won’t do that until he has the money to make the move back.  He is also looking for a job before he gets back up here.  He’s really done a lot of growing up.  Oh he still loves his online World of Warcraft game, but that’s just a hobby to keep him occupied.  I mean, I’m not much different.  I might not be playing a game on the computer, but I do spend a lot of time on it just to keep me busy.

Kaiden spent the weekend with us, so he could visit his Dad, but he find out that he “play” on a computer of his own, so he spent a lot of time in my room with me this weekend.  He was real good.  It was great being able to spend some time with both of those boys.

Tomorrow, I go in a do a little work local, then head out to Tucson, AZ for a Raytheon run.  It’ll be a 4.5 day trip.  During this time of year, I really like staying in the south.  I spent a little time in the snow last week.  It wasn’t too bad, but it was cold!

Keep the shiny side up!

A Wonderful Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving holiday has been fantastic.  I got to visit my wife’s family on Thanksgiving day (along with Mike, Cyndee and little Charlie).  It was a great day with some good food and lots of great conversations.

Friday, Kathy and I drove down to Willis, TX and picked up Matt, then continued on to Friendswood, TX (south of Houston) to visit my Mom and my little brother and his family.

Saturday was Jeep’s wedding day to Katie Crosson.  It was a beautiful wedding!  And as I’ve said before, Jeep is very lucky… and so is Katie!

Jeep and Katie - Wedding Photo

It was a lot of fun visiting with Chuck’s family and Beth’s family.  They are good people!

Again, I had a great Thanksgiving holiday!

Vacation Coming Up! Time With Family!

Woo Hoo!  I’m am going to have 5 days away from the truck!  I am so excited, I’m wondering if Christmas is coming early!!!

I get to spend a day on some things I’ve been wanting to do at home, then the next day is Thanksgiving with family.  How good is that?  Then, on Friday, I get to pick up Matt and head to Houston (Friendswood) to visit my brother and his family.  Saturday, my oldest nephew is getting married to girl that apparently, is always smiling.  I’ve seen several photos of her and Jeep on Facebook and she is always smiling.  It’s a very good thing.  I can’t wait to meet her.  Mom is leaving to go there on Tuesday.  She gets to have fun with them a few days longer than I do, but she deserves it more!

I’m excited about time with family!  Lots to be thankful for when you have such great family!

Happy Thanksgiving early… to everyone!

Hanging with Papa!

I got home today for a short stay.  I’m leaving in the morning for a day run to Bryan, TX.  Kathy keeps little Charlie, our grandson, on Monday and Tuesday’s and when we got home, he was my little shadow for about an hour until I had to take a nap.  He sure does like to be around his grandpa.  I love it!  That’s what life is about.  Having fun with the people who mean the most to you.  Family!

Mike called me twice while I was taking a nap, but that didn’t bother me either.  I really appreciate when he wants to talk with me about things.  I guess Mom and Dad’s are always needed for a little strength and structure in their kids life, no matter how old they are.  I know that I like hearing what my parents had to say, even when I didn’t like what I heard.  Of course, they don’t know that.