• No second load of sulfuric acid for Manassas

    2009-1028 [Wednesday – d301 w44] 7:14:20 AM Well, just called Tony Foster (my dispatcher) and asked if there would be another load from Cairo for me, he said that it wasn’t happening.  Oh well, as I said before, I could have used the money from the second load, but I really wanted to go home […]

  • Here in Cairo, OH again…

    In just a short time, I will be leaving Cairo, OH to go to Manassas, VA.  I’ve got to be in Manassas to unload tomorrow morning.  After that, I’m not sure if I’ll be coming back to Cairo or heading to Dallas.  Under normal circumstances with this run, we usually come back to Cairo to […]

  • Team Run Coming Up

    Looks like Dean and are going to Los Angeles and Portland. It’s got some miles to it. At least going to Portland now is so much better than being there in winter! Mobile Blogging from here. [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

  • Off to OH and VA again!

    This trip is taking me to Cairo, OH and Manassas, VA for the third time in four weeks. I really don’t mind though. It’s an easy run and I get to go up one way and come back another, so I’m not looking at the same scenery all the time. It’s also a good paying […]

  • Why am I still up and awake?

    I ask this question because the night before last, I started driving from Kingman, AZ. I drove 736 miles to Amarillo, TX and had to take a short one hour nap in between. I also got a one hour nap after Dean took over driving from Amarillo. I thought I would have been “dead” to […]

  • Vacation Time is Over!

    For the past two and a half days, I’ve been back on the job.  I like the money I make with this job, but I have no life!  I go to work and when I finally come home, I want to do a few things that I don’t get to do on the road.  I […]

  • Truck won’t start

    I got back today from Manassas, VA and Jeff and Tony needed my truck for a drivers test. When I got back this morning for a short run to Houston, my truck wouldn’t start. Tony had me take another truck which is fine, just not convenient.

  • A Tribute to Truckers

    A man made a YouTube video as a tribute to truckers. This gentleman wanted to respond to the tribute and I think was more of a tribute. I just had to post it here. Re: Trucker Tribute..Show The Support

  • Where I’ve Been

    I wanted to create a map of the US and show where I’ve been. Lo and behold, I happened across a web site that does just that (AND MORE). If you want to have a blog just for a trip you take then point your browser at http://www.mytriplog.com (or just Google “My Trip Log”). It […]

  • Honeywell – Bryan, TX

    After a long and easy day, I’ll be leaving in about 45 minutes to head to Bryan, TX. Here is where I will be going: Honeywell – Bryan, TX I have to say that I am thrilled with this.  I was hoping that I would be taking the tanker back to Bryan and getting it […]