• So many changes!

    When I came home from work yesterday, the plan was for me to come back in the next day and head out to Manassas, VA. Then the plan changed to me going to Conroe, TX on Sunday night. Then it changed again to taking the Sprinter van to Arizona this morning. As I was getting […]

  • Flip Video Camera

    Dean and I are having to wait until tomorrow before we can go to Fort Irwin, CA to pick up a load coming back to Dallas.  Since we have a little time, we decided to eat in the restaurant.  When we were walking by the c-store cashier I saw a Flip Video Camera.  I’ve heard […]

  • Finally at home to watch a Shuttle landing on TV. I’m really enjoying my time off from the road. I’ll be ready to get back out there on Tuesday though. Got to make some money. I thank God that I’ve got a good job that allows me to make enough money to live “well”. Not […]

  • Bells Palsy

    Day before yesterday, as I was coming home from California, I noticed that I was having trouble trying to eat my lunch. After I got home, I kept noticing that there was something different about my face. The next morning I couldn’t raise my left eye brow. I had more trouble trying to eat. Even […]

  • Something my son swore he’d never have to do!

    My son took his son over to a friends house. While there, his friends kids (one of them a daughter) decided she wanted to paint her little brother’s and Kaiden’s fingernails! Matt (Kaiden’s dad) is having the fun job of taking the fingernail polish off his sons fingers. I had to get a photo of […]

  • My Boys

    I have been wanting a little photo of me and my boys and the best part is I got my grandsons also! What a great photo! I love it.

  • ESPN MLB Team

    Go Rangers! [clearspring_widget title=”ESPN MLB Team” wid=”472a171df0a00ab5″ pid=”489a4bf931fc4fcf” width=”300″ height=”387″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]

  • Finally to Lexington, VA. A fews hours of sleep, then to Richmond and Virginia Beach.

  • Einstein the parrot

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  • Dual-Screen Sabayon Linux 3.4a Goodness Great little video on Sabayon linux and dual-screens. It really shows off Sabayon linux.